How Often Do You Need to Have Sex To Maintain the Passion in a Relationship

Making love is an important process for escort Edinburgh that has a positive effect on both spiritual and physical health. It is known that during intimacy it is possible not only to experience pleasant sensations but also to receive health benefits.



The positive influence of sex on the well-being of girls and women can be discussed by referring to several factors. For example, as a result of many studies, it has been found that sexual intercourse, due to its physical activity, has a beneficial effect on the general condition of a person, including on the work of the heart. In addition, sex helps fight stress, as it releases hormones of happiness during sex. Also, due to regular intimate life, you can notice an improvement in the quality of sleep or relief of pain (headaches and even menstrual pains).


However, it is not for nothing that there is an opinion that everything should be in moderation, including sex, should not be abused. If the activity and frequency of intercourse are too high, even the positive effect on heart health can be negated and the opposite effect can be achieved.


Among other things, sexual preoccupation sometimes leads to tension and problems in relationships or, if the person is single, promiscuous sex, which threatens unpleasant and sometimes even deadly consequences in the form of diseases - from herpes to AIDS. Most often, a large load on the genitals for men is fraught with inflammation of the testicles or appendages, and for women, for example, vaginal pain or cystitis.


How often should you have sex?

Many couples ask this question, but there is no single answer to it. So, say, there is no norm for the amount of intimacy, and each person must determine this order for himself personally. The most important thing is that you are satisfied, and how often you need it is not so important.



In addition, when a person is in a relationship, he needs to determine not only a personal conditional "norm" but also to discuss the partner's preferences. Everyone knows that sex is a very important aspect in a relationship, which is also considered one of the main factors for intimacy and trust in a couple. Meanwhile, different sexual temperaments in lovers are not uncommon. This means that if views on the intimate life of partners diverge, in order to maintain a happy relationship, it is necessary to come to a compromise.


In fact, the regularity is influenced by many factors, be it age, psychological state, and other components, and there are also asexuals, their number is about 1% of the total population of the Earth. Such people by their nature do not want intimacy and feel great in its absence, that is, they do not experience both physical and psychological pleasure from sexual intercourse. In this case, again, discussing your needs with a partner is the right option.


The best time for sex

The fact is that the biorhythms of men and women are different, and therefore the peak of sexual activity occurs in both sexes at different times. It is studied that in sheffield escorts , the maximum desire awakens in the afternoon.


So, the female body is best ready for sex in the period from 12 to 16 hours, plus, by the end of this period of time, the most favorable moment for conception comes. Next, the activity decreases and is replenished only sometime after dinner, then you can count on prolonged adult games.


Now let's discuss when you are most desirable for your partners. First of all, early in the morning, it is worth noting that at about 7 o'clock, the level of testosterone in the blood of men is already going through the roof. Later, for four hours in the afternoon, the desires of both sexes coincide, so this is the right time to please each other and, by the way, the right moment to procreate. Then the Coventry escort's interest in the opposite sex disappears, and for men, it does not subside for several more hours, after which strong arousal returns only before bedtime.