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Fetish porns are a powerful source of erection for the communities which has a fantasy for feet fuck and fetish foreplay. The footjob consist of stimulating your dick directly with the feet, it features toe sucking and foot massages as well.


The power of friction increases with the feet that leads to trigger your penis nerves to erect at their best effort, the duration of the orgasms is also longer due to the trigger level. You can enjoy the deep sex via multiple positions while playing and sucking the feet during intercourse.


Podophillia: Orgasms via feet

People who are sexually interested in feet are known as Podophillia and in simple terms, it’s known as “foot fetish”. People who love this get sexual pleasure from feet and consider it as an essential part of their sexual satisfaction.

Why is Foot Fetish porn amazing?

People who love foot sex or love to include feet foreplay in their sexual moods get tremendous pleasure and deep orgasms that are memorable! Below are some of the facts that how they get themselves triggered in their sexual moments.


      Footjob [Providing or Getting stimulation on the penis using the feet]

      Washing or cleaning each other's feet

      Foot massages

      Toe sucking [Includes sucking, licking of toes/fingers/feet]

      Kissing the sensitive areas of the feet

      Pedicure services that build arousal of the dick through the sexy looks of the feet

      Cumshot on feet


If you are a feet fetish porn lover you can explore millions of videos available on the different porn sites. You can discover the most sensational moments in foot fetish live porn like foot massages while giving a blowjob, foot sex that directly triggers your penis muscles to erect at their peak, feet kissing and sucking, and discovering the most pleasurable positions of the feet while having tight intercourse.


Best methods to get maximum pleasure in feet sex


The Trigger Shape [T]

Both the partners just lie on their intercourse sides, the girl must be perpendicular to him in the position and bend her knees so that the feet get closer to your face to experience the extreme pleasure of sucking toes while having hardcore intercourse.

The Wedge Trigger

The male partner should sit on his heels and keep the female ass up onto its lap, then the level of orgasms starts going up while kissing, licking, and playing with the sexy feet. In this position the penetration gets deep and the erection is tight enough for a longer period.


The Grab Trigger

Get the girl naked in the heels, get ready to do hard pumps in a doggy position with the knees at the edge of the sofa or bed. Spread her legs to adjust the height and then bend her knees so you can grab them through both of your hands, in this way you can play with her sexy feet while having the deep pump at this position. The level of orgasm’s is in the sky during this period.


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Why Do Men Like Oral Sex (Blow Jobs)?

If you're married to a man, dating a man, or have had sex with a man at least once, you may not be surprised to learn that more than anything else guys love it when our lips touch their dick. Fellatio, oral caresses, blowjobs, and blow jobs-as we typed all these unprintable terms, we thought we were breaking some kind of taboo. But to hell with modesty. After all, modern men are alien to such complexes-at least when it comes to sex.

Women themselves were the first to introduce this fashion

According to a Sexual Health survey (commissioned, of course, by the sexually liberated U.S. government), 73% of men received oral sex from their partners at least once a month. Maybe it's just that we just want to make sure the size of the important object in the chosen subject meets our expectations? "It's just that all girls like to give blowjobs-they're just obsessed with it."

The safest way to get pleasure

Another reason for treating oral sex as something readily available and easily provided is safety. Disease, pregnancy, and all the things genital contact can lead to - none of that is present in oral sex. (Something, by the way, still is, but we'll talk about this separately.) So when the feasibility of regular sex with a partner you do not know seems doubtful, fellatio comes to the forefront.

Porn movies are an effective publicity campaign

The advent of the digital age has made access to adult videos very easy - one "click" is enough. 

And in every video or movie, oral caresses take pride of place at the center. The target audience for mobile porn is, of course, men. "Thanks to the influence of X-rated movies, there has been a substitution of notions. - For women, oral sex has always been not a light version of usual coitus, but a very intimate act, which helps partners become even closer to each other, confirms their special, trusting relationship. According to experts, fellatio has become a mundane ritual and devalued - that is, it no longer gives both partners true pleasure.

The case was as follows

  • 1883 The Kama Sutra was translated into English accessible to progressive mankind: people learned what "congress in the mouth" is and what it is "eaten with".

  • 1953 Pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsley reported that 43% of married couples love orally (91% today).

  • 1972 The legendary film "Deep Throat" told of a woman with a clitoris in her mouth (and the men who took advantage of it).

  • 1999 An episode in the biography of Monica Lewinsky (and Mr. Clinton's dick) proved that everyone is equal when it comes to sex. Both presidents and ordinary citizens like the same thing.

  • 2000 Master of words and deeds, Samantha Jones on Sex and the City devoted many hours to the topic.

  • 2009 Scientists prove: we are not alone in the universe! Fellatio for pleasure is practiced by bats in addition to humans.

  • 2011 "You let him put it in your mouth?" - Maya Rudolph in "Girls' Night Out in Vegas" is indignant. I want to tell her, "Maya, all humans do it.

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How Do You Get a Partner To Have Wild And Crazy Sex?

Sometimes you would want to have wild sex with your partner as you see men and women on various porn sites. Look, pornstars in the industry have shown how good wild sex can be at times. The porn industry is one of the primary advocates of the wild sex. 

You can also find many porn pics of wild sex. Now, it will depend on you as far as the definition of wild sex is concerned. For some, anal sex can be wild and for some, fucking the tits of a woman can be considered a wild act. So, if you want to make her go crazy and have wild sex with you, here is what you have to do.

Prep the Room

You have to make sure that you are preparing the room for a wild night ahead with your partner. You have set up erotic lighting, play sexy music, and have a sensual aroma around the room to make the setting seductive. Only watching perfect boobs pics and trying to replicate it will not make anything happen. 

Touch Can Essential

Sometimes, if you touch your partner in the right areas, it can make him or her go wild in bed. You will know the erogenous spots in your partner’s body. Use them to make your partner go wild and then you can have crazy sex with them. 

Have Consent

If you want to do wild and crazy things to your partner, you must have his or her consent. Doing anything crazy without consent might lead you into big trouble which is the last thing you would want. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want to have wild and crazy sex, then these are some of the things that you should try as they will ensure you have the best experience of having sex with your partner. It will be a great experience for you. 

Lighten Up Your Sex Life with These Sensual Tricks

Hi folks! I hope your romantic and sexual life is ageing like fine wine. Falling in love with someone is a momentary burst of massive energy and emotion, but as time goes by, the butterflies stop flying in the stomach. Waking up beside the same person doesn’t feel exciting anymore. Even making love becomes more likely to be a habit and that’s where the intimacy gets lost in the void. This is one of the reasons why the separation rate is so high nowadays. Having more than enough options make us puzzled. Every two out of five couples are struggling with a monotonous sex life, which was too true to be real once.


If your sex life is losing its warmth, have a firm grip on it, instead of being hopeless. Everything loses its charm with time, but we preserve those that matter to us. Sometimes addiction to porn causes the same damage. Even after being in a stable relationship, women keep watching BBCSEX, which causes their partners insecurities and eventually a boring, habitual sex life.  But with your care and effort, it can reignite at any time.

Today I will share some tricks to bring the spark back to your sex life.


Seduce your mate

We, humans, are weird. We stop flirting and seducing our partners once we win their hearts. And that’s where the problem begins. Seduction plays a pivotal role in intimacy, not only physical but mental too. Seduce your partner when they’re not expecting it at all. At first, they’ll be surprised, for you haven’t seduced them for a long time and then they will participate in the game. If your man is looking for pleasure on porn sites like Elitebabes, show him that you’re better than those babes he’s been fapping on.


Try new positions

When sex life loses its warmth, the thirst for experiment dies. Repeating those two or three positions for years makes it monotonous. Discover new positions that you two have never tried before and then take the lead on the bed. Apart from missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and lotus there are still plenty of positions you can try. And the best thing is discovering your own unique comfortable sex positions together.


Explore kinks

Do you guys have dirty talks? There’s no such couple who has never sexted. Even though you have a regular sex cycle, it's important to let your mate know that you crave their touch when they're not around. It would subtly cheer up the sexual intimacy between you and your partner. Drop dirty texts, and send them nudes when they’re not expecting it.


Have an open conversation with them about your fantasies and kink. Show your interest when they share their fantasies with you. Then explore it together. Not communicating is another form of miscommunication, don’t let that ruin your beautiful bond.



You might be thinking, what’s so special about it! But it is special! Not necessarily you’ve to have sex all the time, spend some good time while cuddling with each other under a cosy blanket when watching a movie or web series together. There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling each other’s caring touch. Sometimes even non-sexual things lead to the best sexual moments.


And if you think that watching porn is an alternative to the divine sexual intimacy you had with your partner, you’re on the wrong path darling! There are plenty of porn sites like Pornhub, Brazzers, Naughty America, HEGRE VIDEOS etc, but nothing can compensate for the lost warmth between a couple.


These tricks and tips would only help you to approach your mate more smoothly. But the basic is the love, trust and care you have for each other. Don’t let it die. 

Why don't they watch uncensored Hentai in Japan?

Land of hentai


Japanese people are very much open about their interests and fetishes as they have some porn aspects broadcasted on TV sometimes. But as much as they're open about it and produce it in many forms, there were times in the 20th century when the genitals were banned on their television. Since then, many artists began to put censorship on their work, and it follows them still to this day. As many Japanese people differ from the rest when talking about cartoons, food, fashion, erotica, and others, they are very traditional. They are very specific people who merge traditionalism with the modern world and are further away from us in everything. Most countries are stuck on their traditional beliefs where they don't practice modernity, and some are far away from their tradition. But Japanese people are different, and they combine these two things together very well.


Asia loves porn


Because of the said ban, many Asian people began to draw monsters, aliens, robots, and many more creatures instead of people in porn. Censoring genitalia and drawing these monsters in hentai has kept with them to this day. Not only in hentai but in general, they censor genitalia from actual porn and magazines to keep up the tradition. They also respect their law, but they love porn too, so they keep it reasonable and respectful. Unlike us, Asians are very open about porn and making content like that, which is popular worldwide. In any shape or form, if it's porn, they absolutely love it, and their porn can get a bit freaky. Certainly, it isn't everyone's cup of tea, and not everyone can handle their controversial themes. Controversial outside of Japan, that is.


Asians are far ahead


Asians are one of the rare people that many people do not understand or are even scared and weirded out. But with that come even more people who absolutely adore them, their culture, and what they produce. They definitely left an imprint on the whole world with their unusual ways of porn, culture, and other things. Some will love them, and some will hate them, but it is important to recognize the imprint they certainly left behind. No one can compare their traditions and country functions with theirs. It is an entirely different world, and some could say and even call it fantasy land. Anyhow their porn is one of the most popular worldwide.

Be The God of Sex to Your Partner!

Fucking quite an older and mature partner – isn’t it amazing? I always have a great fantasy about men with a large age gap, experienced by look and act, with the salt and pepper look and tattoos. And fortunately, I’ve got the one, better than my fantasy. Most young guys develop the same fantasy about their teacher, maid or other motherly characters.


But having a fantasy is not enough, you need to approach it! Approaching a big woman sexually is tougher than proposing to a girl of your age. Thankfully, girls don’t have to struggle this much to approach a quiet older partner, rather they get approached. But if she gets your hints, it would be a BBW BBC blast.


Why this abnormal attraction to older partners?

Older partners are better in all ways. You can surrender yourself to them and they will lead you to an intense orgasm. Girls sometimes complain that G spot and clit are not the only things guys can't find, but also, they can't unhook bras without facing their girls' back. These issues don't even exist when your fuck-mate is older and more experienced than you. What if your man unhooks your bra while kissing you against the wall on the first date? It feels like, I’ve got the best one.


You too can get a perfect blowjob!

Likewise, a mature and experienced woman can make you feel like heaven on this Earth. Naïve girls, often lack the art of giving a perfect blowjob. I think a blowjob is more than sucking the dick. Your man places his most sensitive orgasm between your teeth, it’s a gesture of trust! You need to play with it and the balls. It’s like pulling the right cord, just tease the right nerve and boom! BBC blowjob is giving deepthroat until you can’t anymore.



Why couples should try anal at least once!

With an experienced partner, you can explore such kinks you've never even imagined. Like rough BDSM, anal, pegging etc. I think every couple should try to explore two kinks, making their sex tape and having anal. These are gestures of mutual trust in the sexual field. Even though the pleasure one could get from having anal is wonderful, it's very important to be prepared for it, mentally and biologically.


The first thrust of anal would feel like hell since the asshole is not supposed to get fucked biologically. And that’s why you will need loads of good quality lube. Also anal is not a one-day preparation act. Girls, your partner needs to make your anus familiar with the opposite side's poundings. Fingering the asshole regularly will work, it's like marinating the ass before the party. Try two or three fingers, let her be used to the pain and then finally use enough lube before inserting the dick. Fucking a big bouncy booty is the dream of most men. And BBC anal is a bliss to have and a wonderful sight to watch. My porn preferences are kinky as fuck, from “cuddle sex” to “brutal gangbang” everything is there. Never mind.


Feed your partner on your body and prioritize their satisfaction. Let it be BDSM or anal, it’s a mutual play. Fuck the life out of your partner, but with consent. Have sex, stay happy!

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How to use HomeMoviesTube.com

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  1. Easy setup

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  • Free-of-cost registration

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  • Ads pop up again and again.

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Final Words

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I once was on a live nude cam session where I saw two brunettes who looked like they were bisexual because as much as they enjoyed each other, they also enjoyed my fat cock and the way I held it while jerking off. The session started with both laying on their stomachs side by side with the chubbier one’s leg crossed over the other's.

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