11 Rules for Sex with a Stranger

How to behave with a girl so that she wants or does not want to stay after a night spent together.

The young lady herself cannot really explain now why she allows you to carry out research work in her underwear. So far she is only listening to her feelings. No, she is almost sure that there will be sex, but in everything else ... Does she want to wake up next to you day after day and have ruddy grandchildren with your profile, or is all this just another minor mistake, not without, however, pleasantness?

One person could answer these questions, namely you. Because, unlike her, you roughly imagine the ideal continuation of the plot.

We are much less demanding than ladies, and therefore we are often happy to delight literally anyone with our attention - provided that this “anyone” immediately after making him happy will collect his bras and leave your life, smiling gratefully goodbye. But you don't want to be a bastard who trampled on the brightest girlish feelings.

The biggest problem with men is that they give too many false signals. They want to get to the body so much that they pretend to be passionately in love, instead of honestly making it clear: they just need sex and for this, I will also temporarily burn out.

We could reply to the dear Fraulein Meisters that we would be glad not to give false signals, but otherwise, it does not work out. There are unforgivably few women in the world who get excited by the words “Well, let's go, or what?”. And for an honest confession: “This is just for one night because that’s how I don’t really like you” - it’s even possible to get a bar stool on the high forehead of a thinker. Therefore, what can you do, you have to say compliments, expressively move your eyebrows and in every possible way demonstrate delight and admiration.

This is how we, gentlemen, turn out to be complete scoundrels: first, we force ourselves on women, and then we shamelessly take them back. Now, if you could immediately dot the I so that neither she nor he had any doubts from the very beginning that a delightful, hot, and romantic night awaits you, but the only one …

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How to behave so that she wants to stay with you


Give her something. Not necessarily valuable. And it doesn't matter what exactly. At least a button. Still, this is a symbol of the most ancient act of ransom, when a man handed the chosen one a material guarantee of the strength of their relationship: he threw the skin of a lion at her feet, conquered kingdoms, and the like. Before that, you were just a casual acquaintance, and now you have become the one who gave her a button ... In general, do not bother yourself, just remember: a woman perceives the act of giving as a silent but eloquent invitation to further relationships.

Speak in the future tense

"Someday I will definitely show you ...", "I hope that in September we will go down together ...", "When I introduce you to him, you will laugh." Do not be afraid to scare the girl away with these hints of the future. If she likes you, then it will only please her, and if she does not like you very much, then she will not care.

Make her something delicious

They call us primitive animals, but themselves, by the way, are no better. A box of chocolates here, a bunch of grapes there, a bottle of fun in the fridge; if there is no caviar, then a sandwich with smoked sausage will do ... Women are great gourmets, the quality and variety of food tastes please them more than the quantity, and the place where all these wonderful things are found is imprinted in her subconscious as extremely pleasant.

More boring classics

The most intimate type of sex, according to polls of women, is the classic position (and not at all "69", as you thought until now). Ladies believe that such sex helps to better know and feel a partner (even if you can't see anything special in this position). And the fact that at first, you prefer the classics to all other options will show the girl that her personality interests you more than her body just like in the Free sex cam

Drive biological waste away

If it happens in your home, remember: women are very tolerant of dirt in a man's house. They even find the dust on the shelves touching, beer cans under the radiator, and dusty lumps under the bed - these are obvious signs of your wilting without female companionship. But the ladies are strictly negative about all sorts of inappropriate organic matter. Sheets with a clearly rich biography, a toilet that would bring a geologist into ecstasy, a hardworking family of cockroaches who have settled down on a slice of last week's pizza - all these little things can cross out even the fact that you just had the best sex in the world with a bold cross.

Do not fall asleep before her, especially if you are at your house as you do it on a regular basis after having a Free sex chat with cam models. 

Very often, after the first sex with a new partner, a woman is in such an overexcited state that she physically cannot sleep. And if at this time you treacherously sink into a mattress, then very soon she will realize that she is in the dark in an unfamiliar place, in which there is absolutely nothing to do but count the decibels of your snoring. This is a very stupid situation, and not every girl will immediately be able to forgive you for such ordeals.